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Eomer's Adventure in the Commonwealth, Part II

Please pardon the interruption. My hostess thrust me into something she called a purse, and after a long and bumpy journey, we have arrived at our destination. First came the introduction to my hostess' steed.

She has told me to make myself at home with him.

The climb up is really quite a chore.

And I thought Arod was generously proportioned...

Crossing the massive beast's back is tiresome. I must rest for a moment.

Ah! The withers. I don't suppose they could be shrunk? I don't much feel like climbing another mountain.

The road north is fraught with danger.

At last, we can communicate!

No no no. Niiiice horsey. Pick your head back up. Aiiiieeee!!!

A little help, if you would?

To be continued...

The images are a little large, so they may take some time to load on dial-up. If all else fails, stop the page loading before the pictures start showing up and manually load them by right-clicking on the breaks between paragraphs and selecting "show picture" from the menu. :) Coup says hi!
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