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Eomer's Adventure in the Commonwealth, Part III

Please tell me I don't have to clean its hooves ...

This is an odd cloak.

My hostess gives me a boost, but only to the stirrup. *growl*

Hark! The saddle! My this is roomy.

I can steer quite well on my own, thank you very much.

I had always considered myself quite tall, until now. Unfortunately, I am told that the powersource of my hostess's "camera" gave out before she could document my bold horseback adventures in the open.


The images are a little large, so they may take some time to load on dial-up. If all else fails, stop the page loading before the pictures start showing up and manually load them by right-clicking on the breaks between paragraphs and selecting "show picture" from the menu. :) Coup says hi!
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