Christina Lollobrigida :: that lavender blonde :: (lollobrigida) wrote in riderabroad,
Christina Lollobrigida :: that lavender blonde ::

Rescue Mission a Success!! Eomer Freed!!

I had been captive for months... waiting to be bought... entombed in my holding cell hoping that I might be rescued... then the day came.

Like the rising sun over the Rohan plains... I knew she would find me.

Once I figure that I must find my way back to Rohan I run across an unusual kind....

She speaks to me of women... I am interested of course.. that cell was lonesome...

I venture on... and see a woman whose beauty captures me... and she looks to be needing aid!!

So on I went...

It was true love... I seemed the right height and she seems beautiful beyond belief... I plan on stealing a horse and taking her to my kingdom... where our story has only begun...

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