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Rider Abroad

The Adventures Of Plastic Eomer!
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Welcome to my journal! Let's face it: being king of Plastic Rohan is boring. The place practically governs itself. So I've decided to take a long travelling vacation to visit fans, friends, and basically run amok kick back. I'll be posting photos, postcards, souvenirs, whatever my hosts come up with I feel like. However, seeing as I don't seem to have actual operational hands, I'm asking anyone I visit to help out with this whole posting thing...

Do you have a plastic Eomer figure? Grab him, snap some pics of him doing whatever, post it online, and contribute! Write the post from Eomer's POV or from your own, whatever you feel like -- be as silly, bizarre, strange, touristy, or random as you want. There's no rules yet, except to put anything not work-safe behind an LJ-CUT. Let's see what happens...and what kind of "person" our collective Eomer becomes in the course of his "journey." ;)

NOTE: Yes, this community is somewhat inspired by plasticgandalf and friends, but our Plastic Eomer isn't that Plastic Eomer, and we hope abandonada is amused by our strangeness...

PS: If you have no webspace to store your pics, contact the moderator.