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The adventure continues!

I am not just a pretty face fierce horselord. I have talents. I have abilities. Watch as I demonstrate my wide range of vocal stylings...

Climb every mountain.....

Julie Andrews has nothing on me. *smirk*
plus the 'craggy peaks' make me feel all tingly

And for my final number....

Viiiiiva Las Vegas....
eat your heart out, elvis

Oh fine....if you insist....an encore number...

Oh, I've been through the desert on a horse with no name...

Okay, enough with the cultural niceties. I got bored with singing and so went for a walk through the woods. Imagine my surprise when I ran into that sexy bitch Legolas....

he even let me top

*satisfied grin*

After a nice post-coital nap, I returned to my adventures. Imagine my surprise when this...bird-thing flew into my hand.

*blink* And then I turned around to find a very pissed off kid about to brain me with his broom...

Legolas showed up at the last minute and saved the brat's life. Hmmph. He owes me now.

*mumbles* I won the damn game, not the bratty kid with the bad haircut and dorky glasses.

He can be a right kinky...oh...bastard. Harder...oh yeah...just...oh...like that...
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