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My New Year's eve adventures

So I began the day like every other in my nice comfy bed. With my favourite teddy Mr Snuffles. I was rudely awoken by my hostess but she insisted that the room had to be tidied before later. (I agree that room was more disgusting then Grima's hair).

While she got started I went to the bathroom and combed my lovely hair. If we were having quests around I had to look my best.

Also having shiny gnashers is quite important too!

I met some of the VERY early guests including a shady looking Chinese warrior who kept talking about green destiny or something. Frodo looked a bit scared I think it was because Arwen was trying to steal him.

My hostess requested that I check on the supplies downstairs so I "borrowed" Arwen's horse...

And we headed for the kitchens.

On the way met a dangerous beast who threatened to eat myself and my borrowed stead...

Until I slayed him! (Not really though I think I may have been booted out the nearest window by my hostesses sister had I done anything.)

I would post more about my New Years Eve adventures but my usless hostess keeps muttering something about batteries dying and not being able to take any more pictures.

It wasn't a very exciting evening. I watched a familiar looking person in a film called "Crocodile Hunter" and the same guy again in "Dust" and also someone who looked oddly like me in "Ghost Ship." I also watched fireworks out of an upstairs window and went for a walk in the rain.
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