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Eomer's Adventure in the Commonwealth, Part I

Today, I journeyed to a land of horses. My hostess greated me with a great feast.

She then conducted me to rooms in which magnificent creatures of the sea were on display.

While my hostess donned appropriate clothing, she allowed me to inspect some of the equipment she would be using in our afternoon's ride.

This is the bit? What in Bema's name are we riding?

My hostess claims that a majority of riders wear these helmets for protection. What do they do? Hide under them when there's a stampede?

Ah well. Imagine my surprise when I saw a familiar face in this strange country.

Ai, Legolas. You have grown! Something is very strange here.

To be continued...

The images are a little large, so they may take some time to load on dial-up. If all else fails, stop the page loading before the pictures start showing up and manually load them by right-clicking on the breaks between paragraphs and selecting "show picture" from the menu. :) Coup says hi!
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